Cum ne ascultati

Da, vorbim despre un radio online si doar online. Asta ca sa lamurim si problema asta care tot apare in discutie.
Pentru inceput (cu rezerva ca se lucreaza zilnic pana ajungem la varianta optima) puteti sa dati click pe linkul ACESTA si ajungeti in pagina unde puteti sa ne ascultati. Dati click pe sagetica si muzica ajunge direct la voi. Sau direct din butonul din HOME PAGE, din dreapta sus “Listen Here”.
Revenind. Lucram intens in backstage la afisarea piesei care canta acum, ultimele piese cantate la radio si la multe alte plugin-uri care sa fie prietenoase si usor de accesat pentru voi.
Dar, asa cum spuneam si in primul post, e doar inceputul si il vom dezvolta incet incet. Nu ne sufla nimeni in ceafa.

Stiu deja intrebarea insa: pe cand si o aplicatie, ca astazi toata lumea sta si asculta la telefon. E si ea in lucru, asta e raspunsul simplu.
Orice feedback de la voi e binevenit. Si cu bune si cu rele. AICI puteti sa ne injurati, sa dati cu noi de pereti, sa ne pupati (dar distantat), sa ne una, sa ne alta.

Vorba lunga, saracia omului. Let’s play!

Published by Travel Man

The moment I reinvented myself, these were the words that seemed to fit-Travel Man. To see and feel became more important than to have and use. And then I started my journey. Me and my camera. And what I discovered I shared with others, in my own words. And I like to think that because of my journey,someone somewhere discovered the world,walking on my path. And if that really happened, it is the greatest reward for the efforts and adventures of my travels. At the end of the road, the only thing you still carry with you on the Greatest Journey is just... your memories. To gather stuff, to buy houses, cars,refrigerators, to indulge yourself with an extra pair of shoes, beside the other 6 you already have, to get another bank loan, to build another pool.... Such human actions, simple, routine, normal. So earthbound. And so farther from the sky. Because, let's be honest, how many of us, busy and head down tracing the worldly goods, remember to look up to the sky, watching in awe a murmuration of starlings, listening to the perfect whistle of the blackbird, how many of us still feel the thrill of a sea gull's cry, how many still bow when admiring a colony of penguins hatching their eggs at -50 C? We cannot but bow before nature and, as small creatures that we ourselves are, learn from fellow creatures, feathered, furred, with claws or fangs. We should better stay afar and watch, we should not bend nature to fit our modest dimensions. We should better watch and learn and respect their space, we should admire nature's wonders and do that today. Not tomorrow. Because tomorrow might already be too late. For them, but most of all for us. The only form of movement is the journey.

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