Magazinul de zambete

era foarte greu de gasit magazinul asta. aproape imposibil. si asta pentru ca nu era de gasit doua zile la rand pe aceeasi strada. in fiecare zi, magazinul asta o lua haihui pe unde te asteptai mai putin. iti iesea in cale azi sau nu dadeai deloc de el timp de o saptamana. oricat il cautai. pentru ca magazinul asta era de zambete. in el se dadeau zambete. zambete de toate formele, culorile, aromele. nu era un magazin pentru toata lumea. era un magazin personalizat. fiecare avea magazinul lui. si chiar daca ar fi vrut sa dea adresa altcuiva, prietenilor sau familiei, n-ar fi ajutat la nimic. pentru ca puteai sa dai adresa de astazi dar nu erai sigur ca peste o ora magazinul se va afla tot acolo, pe aceeasi strada, la acelasi numar. da, fiecare avea magazinul lui de zambete si nu-l putea recomanda nimanui. cateodata magazinele, ca orice magazine, mai intrau in inventar, cateodata dadeau faliment, cateodata mai erau sparte si devalizate. dar, ca orice e trecator, unde disparea un magazin, se construia altul. mai devreme sau mai tarziu. daca la inceputul vremurilor materialele din care se construiau magazinele erau in general materiale naturale, pe masura ce timpul trecea, acestea au fost inlocuite incet incet cu plastic, sticla, metal. la fel si zambetele care se dadeau in ele: din zambetele naturale la inceput, ajunsesera acum sa fie de plastic, sticla sau de metal. rar mai gaseai un zambet natural, majoritatea erau de plastic si de complezenta.
forfota mare in oras cu magazinele astea.

Published by Travel Man

The moment I reinvented myself, these were the words that seemed to fit-Travel Man. To see and feel became more important than to have and use. And then I started my journey. Me and my camera. And what I discovered I shared with others, in my own words. And I like to think that because of my journey,someone somewhere discovered the world,walking on my path. And if that really happened, it is the greatest reward for the efforts and adventures of my travels. At the end of the road, the only thing you still carry with you on the Greatest Journey is just... your memories. To gather stuff, to buy houses, cars,refrigerators, to indulge yourself with an extra pair of shoes, beside the other 6 you already have, to get another bank loan, to build another pool.... Such human actions, simple, routine, normal. So earthbound. And so farther from the sky. Because, let's be honest, how many of us, busy and head down tracing the worldly goods, remember to look up to the sky, watching in awe a murmuration of starlings, listening to the perfect whistle of the blackbird, how many of us still feel the thrill of a sea gull's cry, how many still bow when admiring a colony of penguins hatching their eggs at -50 C? We cannot but bow before nature and, as small creatures that we ourselves are, learn from fellow creatures, feathered, furred, with claws or fangs. We should better stay afar and watch, we should not bend nature to fit our modest dimensions. We should better watch and learn and respect their space, we should admire nature's wonders and do that today. Not tomorrow. Because tomorrow might already be too late. For them, but most of all for us. The only form of movement is the journey.

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